Kritika: The White Knights has just been updated to version 2.18, bringing a variety of new content, and a brand new class, the Blood Demon. The Blood Demon in Kritika: The White Knights is a class using dark magic with a lot of control oriented skills.

The new class looks quite amazing with its spear looking like a scythe and a big variety of spells. Kritika: The White Knight is a fine combination of two popular genres, action and arcade RPG.  Tons of challenges await players, as well as many PvP (Player versus Player) modes, and Avatar collection.

Kritika: The White Knights has decent graphics, considering that it is a game for mobile devices and a great example for a previously discussed view on the direction which mobile games are heading.

Since patch 2.18.4, the current playable champions are:

  • Berserker
  • Blood Demon
  • Cat Acrobat
  • Crimson Assassin
  • Dark Valkyrie
  • Demon Blade
  • Shadow Mage

There are some generic MMORPG elements in Kritika: The White Knights, such as a guild system, pets, World Bosses, and in-game micro transactions. En extra feature is the Auto-Battle  that helps players complete stages quickly.

If you are looking for a decent mobile online RPG game, Kritika: The White Knights is a must.