Recently the news came in of the Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels stepping down from the MSI Caster Desk. According to reports currently circulating on the web, Krepo stepped down after some nude pictures of him leaked online.

The nudes of Krepo came out online on Saturday morning. The leak happened because of Krepo’s own blunder as he shared the snaps online on Snapchat with a random girl. The recipient of the Nudes of Krepo, who is a 16 years old girl (Not Underage in EU), posted the pictures online and they spread like wildfire.

Checkout Krepo’s Tweet after the leak of his Pictures;

Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels is a League of Legends star with a very positive attitude but somewhat toxic rage. Krepo is adored by millions and from the very first days of the game, he is one of the best casters. He was famous from the days of Evil Geniuses and Elements when he was just a player. As the time passed, Krepo turned into one of the best ever casters for the Riot Games. He used to give the best commentary and remained the best part of the support. Check out Krepo’s Reddit response here.

Now after the Nudes leak, it is a saddening news for masses that another good soul is being claimed be a bad controversy. Similarly, in the past, Gross Gore got banned when he called Krepo a Pedophile and he blemished Krepo’s name a lot. Shortly after the clashes with Gross Gore, Krepo became quite a reserved personality. He remained amazing until this new leak pushed him down again.

Krepo Resigns From Clash of Clans

All this happened to Krepo maybe because he was a big fan of Snapchat. He used to post daily pictures and stories of himself working out. He wanted people to walk in his footsteps and he actually did that by motivating a lot of his fans. Back in the day, Krepo was a chubby fellow until he became fit and that actually helped gain more fans. Fans also say that Krepo’s social media presence has a very positive effect on the community. This is why the gaming community isn’t actually accepting the stepping down or banning routine for Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels.

Fans are hopeful to see Krepo soon, again on his Caster Desk and they certainly are not ready to allow people to destroy his career. So, all the 4Chan and Reddit users who want to sneak up his pants should rest it out a bit.

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What’s your say on this disappointing news about Krepo’s demise? Let us know via the comments below.