It has been revealed that Parabole and RavensCourt will soon be unleashing a tempest with their new survival-horror game KONA. The game was reported as of late as a digital download on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Kona is set in Northern Canada in 1970 – bringing a session of secret and interest. After a peculiar snow squall assaults Atamipek Lake, you’ll find the opportunity to venture into the shoes of private investigator Carl Faubert. You investigate the scary town, research strange events, and fight the elements to survive. It accompanies a spine-shivering story and unfazed show that unfurls while building the strain all through.

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KONA is a survival-horror game coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Wherever outside of Steam, GOG and Humble store, Kona will be distributed by Ravenscourt. That is on Xbox One, PS4, and other PC customers facing facades. With a group of 7, the designer says they can’t deal with them all. Nonetheless, they guarantee us that regardless they put stock in being near the gamers. Furthermore, that it is truly essential these days in the business. On that front, their association with Ravenscourt is just great. They get the opportunity to continue conversing with everyone of us while conveying the game to new groups of people. That was said by Alexandre Fiset, CEO of Parabole.

With a March 2017 discharge date, it appears like we won’t need to sit tight for KONA to hit home. We’ll make certain to tell you when that time comes.

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