We wouldn’t be surprised if Kojima Productions ends up becoming a publisher once his studio makes some money after a few years. Watch Kojima become a publisher and recruit people that used to work for Konami. And have them make spiritual successors to all of Konami’s big IPs.

Kojima Productions
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Kojima Productions has hired the former CEO of Konami as president

Shinji Hirano, former president of Konami Europe, has been listed as President of Kojima Productions for at least a month. This can be seen on his LinkedIn profile as well. We knew this would happen after Konami HQ forced Konami Europe to run damage control on Metal Gear Survive. A game that they knew was complete trash.

Work environment must really suck over at Konami if a top exec leaves the company. Not even Ubisoft is that bad and they’re known for their slave driving deadlines. Maybe Konami is the only company that is even worse than Ubisoft and EA combined.

On the other hand, a good team up right now would be between Kojima Productions and Bethesda. We’ve always wished Kojima (MGS) would team up with Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) over at TangoGameworks (The Evil Within). And be backed by Bethesda (Elder Scrolls, Fallout). Just always thought that’d be an epic team up.

There needs to be a mission where you control Kojima in sneaking suit. And infiltrate Konami and extract employees. We feel like this needs a meme of Kojima giving covering fire with like an m60 while Konami employees hop into a chopper trying to escape.


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