Kodi continues to be one of the most preferred VLC alternatives. The open-source software has millions of users and is doing a great job with its unique features and support for third-party add-ons. Kodi has a phenomenal uptake, thanks to its ability to serve as a perfect piracy machine using these add-ons. They work seamlessly and allow users to consume illicit media – free movies, TV shows, sports, or live TV – as much as they want. In line with the action being taken by anti-piracy authorities the world over, it comes as no surprise that the some of the most popular Kodi add-ons are facing a threat too.

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As we have already reported, Kodi addon ZEMTV and popular add-on community TV Addons came under the anti-piracy scanner. Both were sued by popular media giant Dish Network for copyright infringement, a move that sent immediate shockwaves across the pirate community. American satellite and broadcast provider Dish Network filed the said lawsuit accusing ZemTV of direct copyright infringement of various TV channels and TVAddons of distributing the addon in question. Both are now facing up to $150,000 for each offense.

Kodi Add-ons working despite crackdown

However, despite the crackdown, several add-ons continue to work. It isn’t very clear as to why several popular add-ons are being taken down. One of the reasons being cited by authorities is that while Kodi in itself is perfectly legal, the fact that several developers are using it to get free access to paid content is not. This has led organizations such as FACT, Sky and Premier League to take action.

A recent EU ruling has outlined stringent guidelines on what constitutes copyright infringement, one which specifically applies to media players like Kodi –

“Temporary acts of reproduction, on that multimedia player, of a copyright protected work obtained by streaming on a website belonging to a third party offering that work without the consent of the copyright holder, cannot be exempted from the right of reproduction”, said the court ruling

“These add-ons have made it incredibly easy for consumers to access illegal content via the Kodi platform. This was their principal function and it’s a good step to see them shutting down in the face of perfectly valid legal pressure,” said Kieron Sharp, FACT Chief Executive

Here’s the list of add-ons that continue to work perfectly normal despite the crackdown-

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