It has been two weeks since Samsung started recalling its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones around the world. The exploding battery fiasco has caused paranoia among customers and the South Korean giant as well. Even US Consumer Product Safety Commission had to announce a formal recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on Thursday.

How To Know Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Safe Or Not

So far, more than 90 Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have overheated due to defective batteries in the US alone. Some of these ‘explosions’ have been suspected as the cause of fires in a Jeep and garage among others. However, Samsung does plan to sell safe batches of the flagship device, which might create safety concerns among users. Now, Samsung has launched a new website to let Galaxy Note 7 owners know whether their Galaxy Note 7 device is safe or not.

Here’s How To Know Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Safe Or Not:

1. Once you visit Samsung’s new website, it lets you enter an IMEI number. This is to check if a Galaxy Note 7 is affected. You can find your IMEI by dialing *#06#, or from the Note 7 packaging box. Here's How To Know Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Safe Or NotThe new online tool is the best way to ensure safety when buying a new Note 7 device. It would be smart to check the IMEI before purchase, especially if you plan to buy a used Galaxy Note 7.

2. The company also introducing a green battery icon on safe Galaxy Note 7 devices. The battery icon will change from white to green on the status bar, the always on display screen, and the power off prompt screen.

How To Know Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Safe Or Not
Courtesy: The Verge

However, this green battery icon could easily be bypassed by some sellers using third-party Android themes.

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3. The new Galaxy Note 7 devices will also be marked with a square symbol on the packaging of the box. How To Know Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Safe Or Not

If your device is affected then you should immediately return it to Samsung. It might cause you and others personal injury or loss of property. Also, despite these steps by Samsung, it’s unlikely FAA and other airlines will stop advising passengers not to bring Galaxy Note 7 devices on planes. Samsung has not exactly been able to carry out the global recall smoothly.


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