Luminous Stone is among the most secretive items of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game. The action-adventure game, developed by Nintendo has got around millions of gamers around the world hooked up to their TV screens. Breath of the Wild is the 19th game in the main series.

The side quests of Breath of the Wild is hugely popular because of the intriguing mission full of mystical quest items. Luminous Stone is one such item from the side quest. The Stone has its use in upgrades, notably of the hidden armour and some side quests.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild( courtesy-Zelda)
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild( courtesy-Zelda)

You can find the Luminous Stone in a side quest that follows after you get out safely from the dungeon of the Divine Beast, Vah Ruta in Zora’s realm. The quest has been aptly named as “Luminous Stone Gathering”. Once you get out from the Vah Ruta’s dungeon, look for Ledo outside the Ne’ez Yohma Shrine, Ledo will tell you his story and say that he requires 10 Luminous Stones. If you are seeking for Luminous Stones, you should search into ore deposits on the plateaus just above the NorthWestern side bridge in Zora’s Domain. You can also find these stones in Upland Zorana site.

However both the aforementioned places requires thorough searching to find a few Luminous Stones. So if you are impatient and miss your requirements of 10 Luminous Stones, then you can also find these precious stones on the eastern side of Yiga Clan’s hideout or if you still fell short then you can also find deposits of Luminous Stones near Sho Dantu shrine.

Luminous Stone Gathering
Luminous Stone Gathering( Courtesy-gamersHeroes)

After collecting all the required number of Stones you need to return back to Ledo. In exchange of ten Luminous Stones Ledo will give you 2 diamonds. You can exchange as many stones you want with Ledo, but after the first time, he will give you one diamond instead of two for ten Luminous Stones. These diamonds, in turn, can be sold for money or can be used to upgrades various items.

The Secret Club’s Secret And Use Of Luminous Stone.

Luminous Stone has another important role in “The Secret Club’s Secret” side quest in Geruda. The quest requires two armor sets, the Radiant armour and the Desert Voe armour set. When you try to get into the armour shop of Gerudo Town through the back door, the door asks you a password. Failing to provide the right password initiates this side quest. To find the right password you need to eavesdrop on a conversation between two ladies inside the local bar on the Northern part of town. You have to initiate the conversation with them to find out the password of the back door.

Now eavesdrop on the conversation from the side window of the building where you left Rotana. One of the women will tell the other woman password to the door. Now remember the password, it should be GSC♦. Now to get into the Armour shop wait for a day and then enter the correct password when asked again. The Armour shop is the place where you can purchase the Radiant and desert Voe armour suits. Both the suits need Luminous Stone as well as money to purchase them. Both the sets come with added powers and look really nice on your character.


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