It happen many times when we are outside and Phone’s battery dies in between. Being away from home, it becomes very necessary to have a working phone. So, What do you do, when your Phone’s battery dies? Of course, you don’t have any option except to reach a Phone charging point. But, it might bring some smile on your face, when we say that you can charge your Phone without a Charger!! See how?

how to charge mobile without charger, charge phone battery without charger

Follow these steps and get your Phone’s battery charged:

1.  Open back cover of your mobile.

2. Take out battery.

3.  Grab two to three fresh leaves of Peepal.

4.  Touch the stub of these leaves on battery terminal.

5.  Clean the battery with a soft cloth and insert back in Mobile.

6. Switch ON the Mobile and See the magic. You Phone’s Battery is fully charged.




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