Knack was one of the PlayStation 4’s more charming launch titles, and it seems that a sequel to it, Knack II, is under development. At least according to Mindy Liang, a 3D Animator working for XPEC Entertainment who listed the game on her LinkedIn bio (spotted by the eagle-eyed members of NeoGAF). Of course, the project listings are gone now, but remain floating around on the Internet:


XPEC was already confirmed to be an outsourcing partner for Square Enix in their development of Final Fantasy XV, so it only makes sense to see it there. But down below, it lists Knack II as being developed from at least May 2015. This means the game around a year into development, and could be revealed as early as this year’s E3.

Knack was the first game to be revealed for the PlayStation 4, all the way back in 2013. The game received mixed reactions, but has remained a cult classic ever since, enjoying a small but dedicated fanbase. The original game was criticised for its story and gameplay by multiple reviewers, so here’s hoping the dev team has got that down at least.

While it’s too early to estimate when Knack II will be out (or even when it will be announced in the first place), it will almost certainly be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. What would you like to see in Knack II?


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