KingRoot version 4.9.6 is available for Android devices and its APK file can be downloaded for free. Before downloading and installing the application, you will have to keep in mind that the app requires 12.27MB worth of free space, which shouldn’t be a problem for majority of Android smartphone users.

In case you didn’t know, KingRoot happens to be a higher popular app that’s used to get root access on Android devices. Simply stated, you can root your Android phones and tablets by installing the KingRoot APK on them. If you have found that you don’t want to go through the tiresome process of flashing a third-party Recovery tool on your device, then the presence of KingRoot and its ‘one touch’ function will provide you with all the ease that you never needed.

KingRoot 4.9.6 APK Download

With every iteration comes a new layer of improvements, and while there are no changelog details provided for this latest version KingRoot, we are assuming that it’s going to provide compatibility to a wide range of devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, we will repeat this once more; if you do plan on rooting your smartphone through KingRoot, you have to make sure that the current OS version running on your device is in between 2.x – 5.0.

We are under the assumption that the operating system running on your handset or tablet isn’t obsolete, so that being said, we doubt that you will run in compatibility problems after you have successfully installed KingRoot. You can download the latest KingRoot APK from trusted mirror sites like APK Mirror.