KingRoot is a very popular Android app for getting root access on Android devices. It is a root tool that helps you root Android smartphones or tablets without flashing any third-party Recovery on your device. KingRoot works on almost every Android device from Android 2.x to Android 5.0. It basically uses a system exploit and requires you to keep mobile data or WiFi on while rooting.


Apart from rooting, KingRoot also comes with a feature called Purify that optimizes your device and helps speed it up while improving standby time and saving battery power. To use this feature, you need to root your phone first.

A new update for the KingRoot APK download file has been released and yes, it is available as a free download. The new KingRoot 4.9.0 APK download file weighs 9.46 MB and is now available to download for Android devices. This is a stable release and not a beta version, so it will work perfectly. This update does not bring any new features to the app and there are no changes, but the overall stability and speed of the app will improve.

To download KingRoot APK latest version for Android, go to The file is safe to use.


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