What is this Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblade? Drive Forms are back through a screenshot but a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts 3 has been censored. Let’s try and figure it out. Side note: Previously, there was a rumor circulating around that Baymax will be featured in the upcoming KH3 game. Sadly, that’s not true as outlined by several news sites. We also have some solid rumors about a KH3 release date around the first quarter of next year, stay tuned for more info on that.

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What is the Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3?

It might be Yzma’s hammer. Here’s how it could play out: Yzma puts Sora inside of a box. Then she puts that box inside of another box. Then she mails it to herself and when it arrives, Sora unlocks the boxes and steals her hammer. It could also be a toy hammer from toy story (toy story could be the world since the Astro blaster ride is an attraction flow ride) or it could Felix’s hammer? Buzz and woody were also in previous game’s code, presumably for summons, that got scrapped. So, there’s that. Frankly, it counts for us since it was considered at some point but maybe it was scrapped due to limitations like space, power or time? Choose your pick but it’s fun to think about.

Could it be Thor’s hammer Mjolnir? Maybe, since Felix’s hammer fixes things and it won’t cause any damage. Now, with Thor’s hammer, it does cause damage and Norse mythology has some ties to Greek mythologic. However, there’s an even more bizarre yet interesting theory. The keyblade itself isn’t a hammer, only the transformation. Lots of weapons can be considered hammer-types: the war hammer, the club, the mace, the flail, nunchaku, and various others. That being said, we wouldn’t automatically say that it’s a straight-up hammer just yet. It could be a mace or a club, such as a Kanabo from Japan, or a Shillelagh from Ireland. Could even be something different altogether that we can’t think of. Anyway, our point is, don’t limit your theories to just one type of hammer-like weapon, or movies that explicitly have something to do with a hammer, when talking about the keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3.


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