A late evacuation of the Xbox One logo from the Kingdom Hearts site appears to have blown some people’s minds. Notwithstanding, the game is still solidly set to go to the Xbox One. It appears that Microsoft fans are in luck. This is on the grounds that the late frenzy about Kingdom Hearts 3 not going to the Xbox One was just a blunder made on Square Enix’s site. The third primary game in the long-running establishment won’t just be an exclusive to the PS4, as fans at first hypothesized.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is still going to release on the Xbox One

Some may recall when the Kingdom Hearts 3 site expelled the Xbox One logo from its postings. It mentioned just the PS4 as a release platform for the exceptionally foreseen third game. In spite of many trusting the removal to be a mix-up, the exclusiveness of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 to Sony’s console supported the developing hypothesis that the up and coming game will not show up on Xbox One all things considered.

Statistics released online by GFK Chart-Track a month ago uncovered that right around 80% of offers for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 15 were on PS4. So it wouldn’t be the greatest astonishment if the designer chose to scrap the creation of the Xbox adaptation of Kingdom Hearts 3. They could’ve done this with a specific end goal to concentrate on long last getting Kingdom Hearts 3 the release date it merits.

In any case, it appears that Xbox One proprietors shouldn’t stress at this time. This is on account of Square Enix having revealed (through ICXM) that the issue was basically a mistake on their part. Moreover, they have likewise revealed that the third main game in the establishment will show up on the Microsoft console. The missing logo has now been added to the site.

Source: ICXM


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