The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account has provided us with two NEW Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots which shows us two new drive forms for KH3. Today is absolutely jam packed and full of news and updates regarding Kingdom Hearts 3. But first things first, we’ll be talking about Drive Forms in KH3. It has been confirmed that Drive Forms will be a thing in the game.

kingdom hearts 3
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Drive Forms will return in Kingdom Hearts 3

This has got us incredibly hyped. In the tweet by the official Twitter account for the game you can see Sora in a Guard Form. The screenshot, which follows soon after the previous one, show Sora making an attack after going into Guard Form. This is absolutely fantastic news for KH3 fans.

Last year at E3, Numoru said that Drive Form was something that they were considering but had yet to make an actual decision on. So, a lot of people were wondering whether Drive Forms were eventually going to return or not. Since we have so many abilities and powers to use in the game, a lot of people considered the chances of Drive Powers returning quite slim. However, we can see right here that the fan favorite Drive Forms will be returning in KH3.

Drive Forms were one of the main reasons why players loved the game so much. All these different forms completely change your character’s outfit’s colors. You can dual wield two keyblades and use special abilities. The one shown in the screenshots looks very interesting and looks quite different to the one we’re used to in Drive Forms. When we talk about Drive Forms, generally we dual wield dual keyblades or, in Wisdom Form, you have only one and Sora can shoot magical bullets. However, in the screenshot Sora is wielding a shield which makes things a whole lot interesting.


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