Kingdom Hearts is just as popular if not a little more than final fantasy. It is so popular in fact that fans are so annoyed that it’s not getting worldwide releases by now. It’s not because that final fantasy has a bigger fan base. It was because square didn’t feel like working on Kingdom Hearts 3 at the time. And thought that final fantasy was more important. And the main director wanted to work on FFXV. However, even with years of working on FFXV getting it to the best state they thought it was in, many gamers still think it’s incomplete. That won’t be the case with Kingdom Hearts 3.

kingdom hearts 3
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Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be way better than Final Fantasy XV

Square is a company that should be listening to “ALL” the fans instead of thinking that final fantasy is more important because it has a bigger “fan base”. This is the reason why companies like Capcom and Konami get so much crap. Because they refuse to listen to the fans. A good example of this is Capcom canceling mega man legends 3. A game people really wanted and have an online petition with, at this time we believe, over 400k signatures to bring it back. And it was canceled due to “not enough fan interest”.

Also, while Capcom has released Megaman 9 and 10 they also stopped the story of mega man x after the cliffhanger of x8 and the story of ZX after the secret ending in ZX adventure. Now let’s look at Konami who killed an entire game, “silent hills”. Because they didn’t want to go through with the project. And while they claim they are open to creating more silent hills games, this proved that they don’t consider it as popular a franchise anymore as say something like metal gear.

Our point is that Square Enix should focus their resources on their games fairly. And not simply on the basis of what game has the larger fanbase. Hopefully, they will focus sufficient resources towards the development of Kingdom Hearts 3.


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