We’re going to play devil’s advocate for “nothing” being wrong with it. Yes, it’s great that it’s all on one system. But where was the effort with the original Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5? There’s no reason the Skip Cutscene glitch in 1FM or the ENGLISH 2FM glitches should exist at all. So our question is why do they not just PATCH the games? We’re not getting treated like a moron for paying for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5. Only to see “If you want Final Mix WITHOUT glitches, you’re paying for KH1 and 2 a third time”.

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Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 is just Sony trying to force fanboys to fork their money

No. We’re done. We’re not supporting that nonsense. They should’ve gotten it right the first time. This might be redundant saying it. But you paying for 1.5+2.5 says that you’re a dumb moron fanboy that will buy any garbage this franchise puts out. Even if the last ports had idiotic BORDERLINE GAME BREAKING bugs in them.

Most players got through KH1, ReChain as both characters, all of 2 and every bit of story of BBS. Only to find that their 2.5 game will not run 2FM at all now. It boots them to the main menu. The disc is absolutely FINE. And lets you play the ENTIRE STORY and will ALWAYS boot up BBS. But conveniently when you finally have the save file raring to get to the 2FM bosses you’ve been paying for these damn ports to get to, you’re not allowed to boot the game up anymore. Sorry Square, we don’t trust you with these KH ports. And we’ll be legitimately shocked if you don’t litter Dream Drop Distance HD with bugs out the behind.

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