kickass torrents is back online

Nearly two months after its shut down by law enforcement agencies, KickassTorrents (KAT) is once again back on the scene. The news holds significance because it has come at a time when Excipio was reportedly planning similar clampdowns against the remaining torrent giants – The Pirate Bay (TPB) and ExtraTorrent.

Not much is known about the return of KAT yet, except that it was revived through a mysterious website.

The shutdown of KAT was executed almost simultaneously with the arrest of the site’s alleged owner. That eventually left millions of KAT users with little hope that the site would ever be back online again.

Reports so far indicate that the new KAT website is working totally fine – thanks to unknown users who made the website accessible through the mysterious URL. seems to be the only genuine existing link to the KAT database. Most of the other, if not all, mirror sites are either spam or just obsolete. There have been several instances when KAT users fell victims to phishing attacks carried through these spam sites.

The interface and the overall feel offered by are largely the same as The website is available for anyone who wishes to download their fair share of the booty from the massive stockpile of pirated media.

Experts monitoring the situation thinks that even through the site seems to be functioning normally, it may eventually meet its demise when the US government and Excipio return with the sledgehammer to deliver a final blow to the torrent community.


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