With the  arrest of the Ukranian national Artem Vaulin, the boss of world’s biggest online piracy site, Kickass Torrents (Kat.cr), was down for about a week. Vaulin was arrested in Poland last week for copyright infringement, money laundering, and other charges. Recently, Vaulin hired Kim Dotcom’s lawyer Ira Rothken to fight alleged criminal copyright charges filed against him.

kickass torrent kat.cr

While many speculated that Kickass Torrents would be up and running soon, very few expected it would back so soon. Yes. Kickass Torrents is back and it’s creators say it’s better than before! In their statement to The Verge, the creators of the new domain claimed the site was hosted on multiple cloud servers to prevent the blockade and the hosting information was well hidden behind Cloudflare.

When you provoke somebody, they come out stronger. And it looks like Kickass Torrents has come out stronger and better than before. Now, KickAss Torrents has improved on the original site by including a mobile version! As reported by Express.co.uk, the site has the complete torrent database of KAT, including comments and user information intact. Express.co.uk also reports that it has verified the existence of the new website, but will not publish the new domain. Mobipicker will also refrain from publishing the new domain name for reasons that are obvious.

Vaulin is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement, two counts of criminal copyright infringement and one count of conspiracy for money laundering. Vualin’s lawyer Ira Rothken is popular for having kept Kim Dotcom from being extradited to the United States for more than four years. Rothken is expected to fight for Vaulin, arguing on the lines that there is no such thing as secondary copyright infringement. Just as in Dotcom’s Megaupload case, Rothken is expected to argue that just because the site users committed infringement, it doesn’t necessary implicate the site’s owner.

Now that Kickass Torrents is up and running, it comes as a relief to the millions of visitors of the world’s most popular file-sharing site. Kickass Torrents is worth more than $54 million with advertising revenue close to $20million. If you are looking for the alternatives to KickAssTorrents, we have gathered a list of best torrent sites.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. Mobipicker neither endorses nor supports KickAss Torrents. Mobipicker and its authors are not responsible for any legal issues that arise out of users using the file sharing site. 


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