The Khronos Group, famous for coming up with low level application programming interfaces for drivers, has come up with the next generation openGL initiative that they promised – in Khronos Vulkan 1.0. The company on Wednesday came up with a list of specifications for the new API that is about to be released in the near future, and AMD and NVIDIA have accepted the release with alacrity and promises of coming up with releases for primary drivers that support the interface. Khronos Vulkan 1.0

The API is available immediately without royalty and is applicable for use in multiple cross platform graphics and compute hardwares, in both PCs and mobile devices. Khronos Vulkan 1.0 is built upon the API Mantle, that AMD donated to the company earlier in order to give them a solid foundation for a next generation interface that suits that latest trends in graphic processing units that have arrived in the market.

Specifications Of Khronos Vulkan 1.0

The key difference between Vulkan and Mantle is that Khronos Vulcan 1.0 offers you with multiple command buffers that work simultaneously in parallel. This provides order to the sequencing of queuing attempt of the code and increases dispersion between threads, something that was, until now, difficult to do in GPUs that have eight or more threads. The use of Khronos Vulkan 1.0 is set to increase the versatility of GPU interfaces by offering metal access to the hardware. It is the first OpenGL that offers parallel buffering because of its architecture that favours multiple cores, something that has become the norm in GPUs and CPUs over the last two years.



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