Google Assistant comes in a variety of flavors, but the catch is that their availability differs based on the handset you are using. That’s to say that if a certain feature of this fast improving virtual assistant is present in one particular handset, it may not be supported by the Assistant on other devices.

As for Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, the Assistant on both these devices take commands via voice only. Meanwhile, the AI assistant in the company’s chat app Google Allo allows users to write down their questions and commands and get written answers.

Pixel XL Google Assistant

However, if a new report by Android Police is to be taken on the face value, Google is prepping to add keyboard support functionality to Google Assistant on Pixel, and Pixel XL. The report is based on a teardown of the Google app version 6.10 beta that showed that the feature will enable users to tap on a link on the screen to activate the keyboard and enter their queries.

Naturally, this will count as a welcome move from the company as it will allow Pixel and Pixel XL users to interact with Google Assistant even in crowded areas or noisy places.

Apart from that, the teardown also showed that Google might be considering adding search gestures in the forthcoming update. The details are still pretty sketchy, but it is likely that the new feature will enable users to search for content inside apps on their handset or on the internet.


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