Want to be a famous Internet star in Kendall and Kylie, but don’t have the energy, K-Gems or followers for it? You don’t have to fall as far as to hack the game, though, because these tips and tricks, courtesy iDigitalTimes, will get you to becoming an Internet star in no time.


More Energy

In order to go out on dates, create and post vlogs, attend concerts and parties and so on, you need energy. And energy isn’t exactly easy to procure in this game. The legit way to get energy would be to buy K-Gem diamonds, then buy items that give you energy, but that wouldn’t really be much of a trick, would it? This is how the pros do it:

1: Get Yourself a Pet: Buy a hamster in your first apartment for $50 and pet it as much as possible, which grants you free energy, money and experience.

2: Tap on Everything: Every location you visit has objects you can tap on to get yourself some goodies (like Professor Layton). As you keep tap-tap-tapping, you’ll find objects that grant you money, experience or energy points. They appear to refill every 15 minutes, so if you’re waiting on something, go on outside and get tapping.

3: Choose High-Energy Options: So you might want to conserve your energy by selecting mission activities that take only 1-2 energy bolts, but the trick is to go for more. Apparently the amount of money, experience and followers you get will be way higher if you pick the high energy options instead.

4: Go into Missions with Full Energy: If you want high star performance on missions, charge into them with full energy. You gain a bolt of energy every 3-5 minutes, so if you’re low, wait until you’re fully charged back up before attempting a mission. Instead of spending your energy on two low-energy missions, spend it on one great mission instead.

More K-Gems

1: Unlock Achievements: The main way to get K-Gems in the game is to complete Achievements. Tap on the list icon in the lower-right corner of the screen, then tap on the Achievements icon to check out a gargantuan list of achievements to unlock. A lot of them are easy to do, so go on out achievement-hunting.

2: Complete Quests: There’s quests all over this game. Make Vlogs, do events for Perry, go on dates, attend parties: complete these with 4-5 green stars and you’ll be getting the max number of K-Gems you can possibly earn.

3: Watch Videos: You can get K-Gems from watching video clips! To do this, tap on something that needs a K-Gem when you actually don’t have a K-Gem. This will present you with the option of watching a video to earn one K-Gem.

4: Connect to Facebook: Let’s be fair, what are you doing playing a game about becoming a social media star without being on social media in the first place? Connect to Facebook, and you’ll get extra money and K-Gems.

More Followers

1: Get Seen with Kendall and Kylie: If you get seen hanging out with Kendall and Kylie, you get more followers, as simple as that! Whenever you get to hang out with them, seize the opportunity.

2: Complete Missions: The game makes you post video or pictures at the end of each mission, which earns you quite a bit of followers.

3: Make Your Real Life Friends Play the Game: If your friends are also playing the game, you can have them like or share your posts, which ups your audience and gets you more followers!

Know any other tips or tricks for Kendall and Kylie? Let us know in the comments below.


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