We’ve previously covered how to get more energy, K-Gems and followers, but now it’s time to go a little deeper. Want to know where to find Perry’s Place, Jackson Hole and West Hollywood? Don’t know how to make a Vlog? Want to get to 5,000 followers? Then read on, and be enlightened.


Locations Guide

Santa Monica

Going to Santa Monica costs $1 only, and there’s a lot to do here. You can go to Santa Monica Beach, where you can go on dates, do low key events for Perry and meet new contacts. There’s Greta Van Norman Salon, where you can work and do vlogs; and your first apartment, where you can meet your landlord, Debbie Rose, buy a hamster and then pet it. Petting the hamster gets you lots of energy and experience, so be sure to do it regularly.


Going to Malibu costs $5. Here, you can go to the Malibu Amphiteater to go on dates, attend concerts and make new contacts. You can go to Jenner’s Beach Home for a Breezy party and more socialising. If you’ve saved up $1250, you can also buy a new apartment here.


Going here costs $10. You can go to the Cantina to go on dates, meet people and attend events or check out Kylie’s Place for some fun party quests.

Beverly Hills

It’ll cost you $20 to get here. You can head to Kendall’s Place for party quests, Perry’s Place (Abraisse Apartments) to make vlogs and do other stuff, or visit QSalon, where you can do a bunch of promotion related quests.


Heading to LAX costs $10, and here you can access the airport (obviously), which will take you to Jackson Hole ($30), New York ($250) or Paris ($500).

West Hollywood

It costs a heavy $50 get to WeHo, but here you can visit the Beverly Club to go on dates, Gregg Restaurant for more dates and celebrity contacts, or the 2.0 Clothing Store, where you can attend a promotional event.

On the second page of this guide, learn how to get to stop losing followers and eventually get to 5,000 followers.


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