The internet is a vast pool of information and everyone needs some part of it including children and teenagers. They want to use your computers for going online but don’t necessarily have the knowledge or maturity to use it wisely. So, it’s imperative that parents keep an eye on them before something fishy happens.

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First golden rule is to never give your child the password of Windows PC Administrative account, or even let them use that account. This will ensure that you never get locked out of your own computer and also, all the child protection tools remain on.

Obviously, you don’t want your children to watch porn or indulge in dating. But also, limit the amount of time he or she spends sitting in front of a screen. Doing so, you will give them more time for sleep, socializing and outdoor play.

It’s a good practice to be honest with your kids. Always tell your children what protection tools you have installed to keep a check on their internet usage. They might resist at first but explain them the reason why it’s in the first place and gradually they will understand it and develop self-control.

Norton Family is one such tool to protect kids. The PC version is free but you will need to spend 50$ in case your children have a smartphone and you want to keep a check on it too. With either version, you download and install software onto the PC or device(s) your child will use. You can then change settings and watch their activity via a web page.

It allows you to monitor and control searches, social networks, and web browsing. One can easily filter the content using Norton Family, just check or uncheck types of website you want to be off limits. You can also decide the action which happens when a child enters restricted area like blocking, giving a warning, or just have Norton email you a notification.

Warning option seems the best bet as it will allow children to make a decision knowing you will learn the same.

With Norton Family, One can also schedule times that kids can and cannot use the PC.


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