Katie Holmes is ready to reveal her life with her ex-husband Tom Cruise and may also shed some light about her alleged affair with Jamie Foxx. Reports indicate that the memoir is expected to be highly explosive and may fetch around $11 million for the actress. Check out details!

Katie Holmes Ready To Talk All

The “Dawson’s Creek” actress stunned the “Mission: Impossible” actor when she filed for divorce. Her ex-husband was blindsided by her decision and now reports indicate that she would be revealing it all in her memoir. According to Yahoo, the 38-year-old actress had signed a five-year confidentiality contract with her Hollywood superstar husband.

Now that agreement is ending on June 29 which releases Katie Holmes from the contract and now she can speak out everything about her past life including the years she spent with Cruise.  According to an insider source, it is going to be a huge relief for the actress as now she can say what she always wanted to.

Katie Holmes

The source says that there is a strong possibility that Katie Holmes will not keep anything off-limits and will also touch on topics such as her whirlwind romance with “The Mummy” actor, the effect of Scientology on her husband and ultimately things that led to her divorce. Speculations also suggest that she might even lift the lid on her alleged romance with the “Collateral” actor Jamie Foxx.

Will Tom Cruise Let Suri Work In Movies?

During an interview when Russell Crowe was talking about taking a break from movies to spend more time with his kids, the 54-year-old actor was asked about the future of Suri Cruise. When asked whether his daughter also has acting genes like father and mother, Tom Cruise was pretty discreet and said that you never know, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

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So, it is quite possible that the daughter of Tom and Katie Holmes may turn up being an actor in the future. But as of now, the memoir of the mother of Suri Cruise is surely going to create quite a ripple.


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