With the launch of Intel Kaby Lake line of CPUs on the horizon for the mainstream market, there have been many questions regarding motherboard and chipset support. With the rumored 200 series chipset coming, players have been wondering whether the 100 series motherboard will support Kaby Lake since they share the same socket as the 200 series.

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All Asus 100 series motherboards will support Kaby Lake

MSI have already confirmed support for their 100 series motherboards. The new support will be added through a BIOS update. However, another company that is stepping up to the plate is none other than Asus. They have also confirmed support for those looking to upgrade from the Skylake CPUs to the new Kaby Lake.

“The current support list includes no fewer than 87 ASUS motherboards, with more to be added in the near future. So, if you already own or are thinking of purchasing one of our 100-series motherboards, you can rest assured it will work with the next-gen CPUs.

While we can’t share the juicy details with you yet, we can tell you that our R&D department has been working with the CPUs for several months, uncovering everything they have to offer. Things are maturing nicely; in due time, we’ll post a slew of guides and info here on Edge Up that you don’t want to miss”

Built on an improved 14 nm process (14FF+), Kaby Lake features faster CPU clock speeds, clock speed changes, and higher Turbo frequencies. Beyond these process and clock speed changes, little of the CPU architecture has changed from Skylake.  Skylake and Kaby Lake have the same IPC (performance per MHz).

You can look at the full list of supported motherboards at edgeup.asus. Let us know your thoughts on this good news in the comments. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news on Asus and Kaby Lake.