K2 has decided to keep the audiences in a position of biting their nails every time they see a new episode of the iconic suspense cum thriller series. Blames, allegations, bluff, traps, betrayal, and love that is only in the eyes, this is what are the headlines of K2 as a preview.

Speaking about the latest developments of the show, in the recent episodes, it was shown that Je Ha was in cloud nine as he was injured while rescuing the evidence (a memory card) but luckily the evidence is safe and Yoo Jin saved him at the nick of time. But then again, Se-joon’s wife, the clever and feisty who never gives up on her enemies and not even gives them a room to escape, lays another trap for Je Ha by surprisingly planting a police raid, but luckily Je Ha and Yoo Jin were alerted. What’s next to be seen, is how they escape.

The K2 Episode 15
via: ibtimes.co.in

Je Ha and the wife of Se-joon are one of the most strongest characters of the show and have been giving each other competition in plenty of ways. The sequel or the episode 15, will be also showcasing the challenges that are seeded in the way of Sung-gyu and Mi-ran after Anna is asked to leave the country by Yoo Jin. The thriller and the suspense series has a lot in its kitty to be unfolded by the audience, whether the characters will fall apart by the dirty political games planted by the JB group or they escape the web of falsified politics. The struggle of the main cast is evident and all we can do is hope and keeps our fingers crossed till we see what happens next. Keep watching the space here for updates.