Just Cause 3 is an open-world action adventure video game developed by Avalanche Studios for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game received a lot of popularity shortly after its release due to the excessive amount of stuff you can do in the game. Though it had a lot of bugs too, but they were later fixed through various patches. Some of them are still present in the game, but they are being fixed from time to time.

If you own Just Cause 3 on any of the three respected platform, then you will be happy to know that the developers have shared some new screenshots from the upcoming DLC of the game, titled as Sky Fortress. You can have a look at four new screenshots from this upcoming DLC below and see for yourself what the developers have for us.

Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress DLC will be released in March at a price of $9.99. The DLC will feature new missions and as the title suggests, you will have to create havoc on a huge Sky Fortress that will be filled with new challenges. Not only this, but through this DLC, you will also get the Bavarium Wingsuit, which will be fitted with new powerful weapons including rockets and machine guns. Whatever the heck it is, this will truly enhance you gameplay experience and take your journey to the next level.

Just Cause 3 was released on December 1, 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It was without any doubt, one of the most anticipated games of 2015.

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