The divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been like the Blair witch project of Hollywood. The all-good couple turned frozen enemies this year with an uncanny divorce settlement. It came to the news all of a sudden that Amber Heard had filed for divorce after facing domestic violence from Johnny Depp. She was also spotted with bruises under her eyes for her very first law court hearing which further confirmed that the couple had been going through a very rough patch.


However nothing was confirmed later, and Johnny Depp came out clean but by that time, a small damage to his image was already done. Since now, everything is settled, Johnny Depp according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry has moved in with her ex-wife- Vanessa Paradis. Though there is still nothing clear that whether they are back together or not, as Vanessa is only helping Depp and his family to come out of the dirty light.

There two children Lily-Rose and Jack were left behind by their father when Johnny decided to go after Amber and as a result, Vanessa was left devastated. Seems like what goes around eventually comes around. Vanessa on the other hand now has nothing to do expect for supporting Depp as he is devastated after Amber left him and the damage to his image has scarred his glory in Hollywood. He is immensely moved and has nothing to do now, expect to wait for the air to get cleared.

He is being cast by Fantastic Beasts team but has faced a lot of criticism on social media portals, as reported by Parent Herald.  Well, we all hope things get settled out and we get out Jack Sparrow in his full magnificent form.  


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