Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are usually active on social media and post pics about their family. The family feels it’s a good way to keep in touch with their fans and share experiences with them. But sometimes, fans don’t always take everything that’s posted on social media constructively. And that’s exactly what happened to the Duggar family recently.

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Fans upset with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for placing kids in danger

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently shared a photo on their Facebook page. The photo shows their youngest daughters riding their bikes. The girls can be seen enjoying their bike reading but apparently fans aren’t happy with the couple. Fans are disappointed that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar placed their kids in danger by not advising them to wear safety helmets, elbow and knee pads. Some fans expressed concern about how they could let their kids go on bike rides without adequate safety in place. Others expressed concern that the long dresses worn by the girls might cause an accident while some other fans were afraid that the rocky road may trip the girls.

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Loyal fans of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar however defended the couple, telling that the kids don’t necessarily need helmets and other safety gears for a short ride. Likewise, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have chosen to remain silent and not respond to the comments made by disappointed fans.

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Jim Bob Duggar is an American real estate agent, politician and television personality, best known for the reality series 19 Kids and Counting. He has served in the Arkansas House of Representatives. He married Michelle Ruark in 1984, with whom he has 19 children.


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