One of the most favorite Friends star Jennifer Aniston’s marriage might be in trouble, reports HNGN. According to the new rumor, Aniston and her husband Justin Theroux might be having some major differences and are apparently drifting apart.

All these speculations are being gossiped because Jennifer has been coming to her movie screenings without her hubby. Some reports suggest that Justin and Jennifer’s marriage is perfectly fine and Theroux is just busy shooting for his upcoming movie in Germany. This is perhaps why he wasn’t able to attend his wife’s movie screenings.

Jennifer Aniston with hubby Justin Theroux

It is also being said that the Hollywood couple is having a hard time making their marriage work, and there are also gossips about Jennifer’s ex-husband Brad Pitt being the reason of all the troubles. Pitt recently divorced Angelina Jolie, and this might be the reason for the troubles between Jennifer Aniston and her hubby Justin.

Rumors say that Jennifer wants to get back with Brad, which is why she might be distancing herself from her current husband. Reportedly, Justin and Jennifer have spent more time apart than together after getting married, even if professional commitments might be the reason. If things continue this way and Theroux is unable to give time to his wife, it is possible that their relationship may get damaged beyond repair.

Jennifer Aniston with ex-husband Brad Pitt

Aniston recently said that she prefers spending quality time with Justin on Christmas rather than being with her family. The couple reportedly spent a weekend holiday in Germany and managed to stay away from the limelight by apparently disguising themselves and walking the streets of Berlin. Meanwhile, fans of the couple feel that Justin needs to manage his schedule and make his wife his first priority if he doesn’t want to lose her.

Recently, it was reported that Justin Theroux surprised Jennifer on Thanksgiving. But of course, Christmas is coming and Justin needs to plan something really special for his wife if he wants to keep her by his side. In other news, Jennifer was recently seen promoting her upcoming movie on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


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