Cisco, the multinational networking IT giant, is acquiring Jasper Technologies for a hefty sum of money $1.4bn because of the firm’s expertise in wireless networks of sensors. Internet of Things, the technology of the future that Jasper Tech specialises in, comes to Cisco with the promise of giving it the aegis and support of tomorrow’s technology and providing it with a one-off solution to much of its networking problems.

internet of things

Internet of things is a collection of sensors, either wired or wireless, that allow multiple devices to interact with each other without interference from human wares. For example, a common household example of the internet of things might be the lights interacting with motion sensors around your room to turn on and off as and when you leave. Common industrial examples of IoT include Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems used in chemical plants. For Cisco, a company providing services such as VPN clients to users, an IoT would serve as an incredibly powerful tool to enhance its workings.

Technology experts around the world have predicted that by 2020, IoT will generate more than 20 billion dollars in revenue for connectivity between devices globally. Hence Cisco’s venture into IoT with the best in the market, Jasper Technologies, implies that they have an intention of getting into the networking sector of IoT in the near future. With access to proper cloud-based internet of things, Cisco wishes to build their wares directly on the Jasper IoT platform in order to fully reap the benefits of their recent investment.


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