Petra is NOT Petra, in fact, NOT Petra is the evil twin sister of Petra, Anezka, who replaced her while the real one was in a state of paralysis. Finally some explanation on what the darn was wrong with Petra. Season 2 and 3 has revealed a lot, by lot, we mean Anezka, who is an ally of Petra’s mom who is in jail. Anezka switched her life with her twin sister’s, by injecting her (Petra) with a seizure induced a mini stroke, which made Petra unable to move or speak, according to TVline.  

The first person to notice the strange behavior of Petra was Rafael, who was somewhere not convinced by her behavior, but sometimes was partially persuaded that the reason by her strange acts was the entry of Petra’s new lover. So, in order to clear the air, Rafael asks Jane to speak to Petra.


Anezka, on the other hand, was burdened by her mom’s uncanny request to arrange a lot of money so as they can afford a lawyer, which is why she is forced to ask Rafael for a share. But Rafael did not agree to it, Anezka started blackmailing him and in a fit of rage starts to yell at him, which is witnessed by Jane. This was the moment, where Jane was convinced that Petra is not exactly Petra. Few events also lead to a bromance in between Rafael and Michael (not sure about Michael though!).

A lot of confusions, and a lot of drama, Jane The virgin has been entertaining the audience with its twists and turns. Don’t forget to watch the episode and keep watching this space for more updates.


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