Glu has released a brand new James Bond mobile game that takes on the secret agent universe in a whole new aspect, as James Bond: World of Espionage is a multiplayer strategy RPG game and not another James Bond shooter. The game includes many iconic faces of the James Bond movies and books, such as Moneypenny and Felix.

James Bond World of Espionage

James Bond: World of Espionage is all about team play. Within the multiplayer aspect of the game, players get to battle each other in alliances with many generic strategy elements. Since James Bond is all about fast-paced action and top notch cars, don’t be surprised to see these in James Bond: World of Espionage. Defeating other players in the game is just one of many game modes of James Bond: World of Espionage. What else would we want to do in a James Bond themed game, than face iconic villains and drive premium cars, and don’t worry, you can indeed do all of these.

It is great to see how the mobile gaming industry is bringing innovation to the old fixed genres, for up until now, we would never have imagined seeing a strategy James Bond game such as James Bond: World of Espionage. The game is now available so don’t hesitate to download it from Google Play or App Store and begin forming your secret agent alter ego.



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