The Samsung Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s flagship phone of 2016. Samsung claims that the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are waterproof. The truth is that they can last as much as 30 minutes in water without any damages. However, waterproofing is an issue with the Galaxy S7 Active.

A trusted and reliable product-tester filed a consumer report advising consumers against purchasing the Galaxy S7 Active. The Korean tech company claims that the device is waterproof. Unfortunately, the product test proved the opposite.

galaxy s7 active fails waterproof test

The product-tester put the device under water to tests its waterproofing capability. After 30 minutes the screen of the Galaxy S7 Active flashed green and then other colors. The report claimed that the touch functionality of the screen ceased to work after the flashes. To make matters worse, a few bubbles appeared on the back-facing camera lens. The product testing company repeated the test with a second device. The results were the same.

Samsung was quick to react to the claims. The Android Vendor pointed out that they have received such claims about the device. The company has since released a report arguing that: “There could be the possibility that a defective device could turn out not to be as watertight as anticipated.”

According to the Consumer Reports, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are as watertight as Samsung claims. In other news, The Guardian has reported that the iPhone 6S cannot survive 30 minutes underwater. The iPhone 6S is currently Apple’s most powerful smartphone.

But this revelation about the S7 Active does not spell any trouble for Samsung, claims Forbes. The Korean tech company is significantly beating Apple. Samsung has bounced back from last year’s low sales. The company is currently enjoying the largest profits in the past two years.

Aside from the Galaxy S7, Samsung has other products that are boosting sales. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been performing quite well since its sales. Excitement about virtual reality has seen a boost in the preorders of Samsung’s Gear VR.