An Iron Man movie without Robert Downey Jr, is like watching a straight game with no scores. The ending of Iron Man 3 was abrupt and made everyone question the fate of Iron Man movie. Reason being, the end of three solo movie contract of Robert Downey Jr. Since then fans from all over the world are questioning and wondering whether Downey would be playing the Iron Man in its 4th installment or do they just discontinue watching Marvel movies.


But there is a bitter news with us today to share. Marvel has officially confirmed that there is no progress on the solo Iron Man movie till 2020. The reason that has been shared is that Downey is asking for a huge paycheck owing to his success and Marvel is not convinced with his demands. This was again confirmed by News Everyday. The movies that are scheduled to release from Marvel’s side till 2020 are, Black Panther, Ant and the Wasp, Captain Marvel, Avengers 3 and 4. So knowing there is no space for any Iron Man 4. This news was confirmed by the magazine Moviepilot.

The reports also stated that Iron Man is an ageless character and can be played by anyone younger as well just like other superhero movies. So Tony Stark can be anyone. Well, we are entirely in favor of Iron Man movies but the movie without Robert Downey Jr in it, it’s impossible to even consider the thought.