iPhone 5S Dying Soon, Apple Predicts 3 Years Life for iPhone and Apple Watch

If you are an iPhone user, you should know that Apple has set the average life for iPhones at 3 years. The tech giant has said that the life expectancy of the iPhone and the Apple Watch is around three years, while it goes up to four years for Apple TV devices. All this was added by the company in its updated environmental policy.

A new Forbes report quotes Apple saying that the productive life cycle of the iPhone gets over in three years, and so does the Apple Watch. Comparatively, AppleTV and OS X devices get twelve months more. This calculation is done by the company by measuring the amount of power used by a product over a fixed period of time. Of course, different products have different daily usage patterns involving a mixture of modelled as well as actual data of customer usage.

iPhone 5s
Image by expertreviews.com

The number of years stated by Apple for the life expectancy of its devices go in line with the company’s habit of providing OS updates to its older devices and offering better hardware for replacing the older units. Take for example the iPhone 5S, which has now been replaced by the newly launched iPhone SE. The SE will get major iOS updates for the next three years, but the three-year-old 5S is now at its life’s end and won’t be getting anymore major updates, like the iOS 10.

A good thing is that Apple’s older hardware does remain compatible with Apple’s new software versions for a long time, which is hardly seen in Android phone manufacturers.

  • Coach

    In other words… they’re consumable garbage.

    Welcome to what’s wrong with America and Western culture. And you millennial Apple fanbois just eat it up.

    • ZahaDoom

      Yeah and now there’s a bunch of Internet clowns that think video game consoles should be on 3 year cycles. So much for the younger generation being environmentally conscious. Blah blah recycling , blah blah carbon tax, let’s create an environmental nightmare and throw out all our devices in three years.

  • Scott

    We’ve never gotten three years from any of our Iphone models. They average about 2 to 2.5yrs.