One of the most trending news about Apple is that the company has revealed the expected age of its products. If you thought your iPhone or Mac was going to last you a decade, then you might be wrong. Apple has said that its products have a life expectancy, with the iPhone 6s said to be able to last only for up to three years.

And it’s not just about the iPhone 6s but all the iPhones including the upcoming iPhone 7 will have the same age. The Cupertino company has very smartly suggested that its users should be changing their expensive Apple devices every few years. Apple revealed the expected age of its devices in a new environmental report that was published on its site recently.


To simulate customer use, Apple measures the quantity of power consumed by a device in a controlled scenario. On the basis of those calculations, daily usage patterns and the life of the devices are determined. The company says that tvOS and OS X devices last up to four years, while watchOS and iOS devices can go up to three years maximum.

Of course, the company did not consider resale or recycling of the devices in these calculations, which were based only on first owner basis. So basically, Apple wants you to buy a new Mac computer every few years and a new iPhone every three years. The iPad and iPhone devices that have been around for three years get only two major iOS updates, like the iPhone 4s has got iOS 9. Mac computers released in 2007 still support OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

There were some rumors that Apple was deliberately slowing down its older iPhones after it released newer models. Of course, nothing could be proved and it’s just a rumor.