You reach out for your pockets to take out the phone only to feel an emptiness. We all know how it feels when our phones get stolen. In a world where our lives are getting increasingly tied to our smartphones, it’s so disappointing to lose something that contains all our personal and confidential information. Lost your expensive iPhone and wondering what to do? Well, you can spy on it remotely!

OwnSpy Tweak lets you know who’s snooping on your iPhone

Jailbreaking an iPhone opens up a world of enormous possibilities. Some of the best Cydia tweaks let you change the way your iPhone works and feels – from changing lock screen, dock screen and status bar to installing your favorite themes and tweaks. But the one we are quite interested in this post is a tweak called OwnSpy.

OwnSpy comes to rescue in situations where you wish to know who’s spying on your iPhone. Been away for quite some time and suspecting someone is spying on your iPhone? Or worse, lost your iPhone recently and wondering how to snap a photo of the thief? Well, OwnSpy tweak lets you snoop in on your own device!

The tweak works on iOS 10 jailbreak and can do a whole lot of things – like recording calls being made from your iPhone, check deleted SMS or WhatsApp, browse through photos in gallery and more! This tweak is one that lets you take complete control of your iPhone even when it’s not physically present with you! Cool, isn’t it? The tweak also lets you backup your emails, track the location and listen remotely.

But we must bring to your attention this important message that has been mentioned by the developers –

Important: Installing OwnSpy on a device that does not belong to you is a criminal offense and may be prosecuted. Mobile Innovations will help authorities if required.

In case you are interested in trying this tweak, it’s available on BigBoss repo on Cydia.

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