Just like they say, bigger is not always better! This holds particularly true for the recently launched iPhone SE proves that has fared surprisingly well in a battery test conducted by the Wall Street Journal.

In fact, such was the device’s performance that it easily outshone its older and bigger cousin, the iPhone 6S as well as the new Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S7.

iphone se iphone 6s
Image by WSJ

Worth noting, such tests usually tend to vary significantly based on the procedures used, and according to the WSJ editor, they conducted the test using “cycles through websites with uniform screen brightness.”

Having made that clear, now it’s time to talk numbers.

Battery Backup Statistics: iPhone SE vs. iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy S7

The WSJ test results showed that the iPhone SE had enough juice to last for 10 hours while it’s bigger and older cousins the iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s ran out of charge in mere eight hours.

Embarrassingly for the Samsung Galaxy family, the new Galaxy S7 needed to be plugged into the nearest charging outlet after only seven hours.

Interestingly, the iPhone SE comes with a non-removable 1642mAh battery which, Apple boasts, can deliver up to 50 hours of audio playback and 14 hours of talk-time on a 3G network. The standby time, meanwhile, is claimed to be up to 240 hours.

Compared to that, the iPhone 6S comes equipped with a larger 1715mAh battery while the one is Galaxy S7 is significantly larger at 3,000mAh (nearly double the size of the iPhone SE battery).

No doubt, bigger screens like the ones on the Galaxy S7 or the iPhone 6S need more juice to run (which would probably explain the sub-par performance of these devices in the test). But having stated that, many analysts believe that Apple has indeed managed to pull off wonders with software optimization in the iPhone SE, leading to a rather impressive battery backup.


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