Apple is reportedly preparing to woo the world with a new iPhone that would incorporate some radical changes. That’s what a series of new leaks from a number of credible sources are suggesting. In fact, if going by the word around the water cooler, it is possible that we may even get to see the kind of reinvention that Apple has not pulled off in years.

iphone 8_concept_image
iPhone 8 Concept Image (Via MacRumors)

The biggest of the “leak” comes from KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo who is widely regarded as the most reliable Apple analyst around today. Kuo has apparently  revealed four significant changes in a report leaked to MacRumors. These includes-

  • There will be three premium 2017 iPhone models, including a new flagship model measured at 5.8-inch
  • All new iPhone models will come with unibody chassis made of glass
  • The LCD screen will be replaced by brighter, more energy efficient, and thinner OLED panels
  • Wireless charging capacity in all three models (that’s what the glass chassis seems to be meant for).

Kuo also stated that together these changes are likely to boost the iPhone’s standing in the market, leading to record sales of the device since 2014 when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sold more than 120 million units.

Juicy stuff, we know! However, the rumors do not end there either. Adding more to the redesign revelations, 9to5Mac went on predicting that Apple will perhaps do away with the iconic home button in the 2017 iPhone models — a change that will be first introduced with the next-generation iPads scheduled to launch sometime in Q1 2017.

The removal of the home button will eventually lead to dramatically thinner bezels that will allow Apple to further reduce the form factors. If these speculations are accurate, it is likely that the forthcoming 5.8-inch model will be no bigger than the current-generation iPhone 7 Plus.

While we understand that all these are only rumors and should be taken with a pinch of salt, the sources making these revelations have a history of making by and large accurate predictions. So you might want to dismiss them right away.

Stay tuned so we can bring you updates as and when new details emerge.


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