The arrival of the iPhone 8 in 2017 marks Apple’s 10th year anniversary and what better way to present an iPhone than with a completely different exterior. According to sources that are close to the matter, Foxconn is preparing an ‘all glass body’ as well as OLED displays for the imminent arrival of iPhone 8 and its happening way before the actual production period of the future iPhone, most likely to ensure that there are no stock issues encountered in the coming months.

Apple has also been rumored to partner with TSMC for the chip manufacturer to produce 10nm FinFET nodes for the A11 chipset. While achieving this manufacturing process is going to be fairly difficult, not to mention will require a lot of time, the benefits and advantages stemming from the chipset will definitely be worth it.

As for the OLED panel, it was high time that Apple switched to a better display, and is there any way to celebrate the arrival of the iPhone 8 than with a completely different display? OLED panels have started to get widely adopted by manufacturers thanks to their slew of benefits. First, and foremost, they are highly efficient, which will save the user a fair amount of battery life, and will also produce richer and most vibrant colors for better aesthetics.

Another advantage of OLED panels is that they can be fitted into phones that feature a thinner body, and with Apple religiously following this trend, it would obviously choose an OLED display over any other alternative. Other rumors that we keep hearing about the iPhone 8 is support for a wireless charger. While it’s slower than the traditional way of plugging in the cable, you have to admit that it’s extremely convenient.

The rumored announcement of iPhone 8 is going to take place in September next year and we’ll have all the updates available for you then.


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