The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are expected to be launched in September this year, and we have already heard a lot of rumors about the new phones being dustproof and waterproof. However, a new report by DigiTimes takes the speculation to the next level by also suggesting that the next-gen iPhones might get a touch-sensitive home button.

Touch-Sensitive Home Button and Waterproofing in iPhone 7


Before we go on and tell you all about the new rumor, do note that this information is just a speculation and might not turn out to be true. However, a lot of reports have already said that the iPhone 7 will be given waterproofing along with dustproofing, so we can say that this new report isn’t based on mere rumors.

But talking about the touch-sensitive home button, Apple got a pressure-sensitive home button made of Liquidmetal patented. The button we are talking about deforms a bit when pressed and gains back its normal shape after you remove the thumb or finger.

Now Apple has renewed its rights for using Liquidmetal in 2010, but it hasn’t used it in any major way. But now it seems like a flush home button would be a nice application for it.

No Home Button in iPhone 8

Mark Moskowitz, analyst at Barclays, has already suggested last week that we won’t see an iPhone 7s and will directly get an iPhone 8, which might possibly come without a physical home buttn. It is likely that Apple will use its single-chip solution for display-drivers and touchscreen to integrate Touch ID within the display, this killing the need for a physical home button.

iPhone 7 is rumored to come without the 3.5mm headphone hack. Also, it might get a new Smart Connection, larger battery, wireless charging, stereo speakers, and repositioned antenna bands. However, many well-known experts and analysts suggest that the iPhone 7 won’t be an attractive deal as it will just come with under-the-hood improvements and no breakthrough features or design. Well, only time will tell!


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