The iPhone SE has been revealed recently, and we all know that Apple does not waste time to work on its next iPhone. The iPhone 7, as always, is one of the most-awaited phones this year. And if AppleInsider‘s report is to be believed, then the device will actually be thinner than the iPhone 6s. It is being said that a new packaging technology will be used in the iPhone 7 to make more room inside it.


Reportedly, the new packaging technology will be used for the radio frequency chip and the antenna switching module for the iPhone 7, as told by MacRumors. This could mean that the device could be lighter and thinner than the iPhone 6. Also, this new feature will let the iPhone switch between CDMA, GSM, and LTE while allowing a lot of I/O. Such a packaging will help the makers fit in more components in the body while reducing the potential interference in wireless communication.

Rumors say that the iPhone 7 might be 1mm thinner than the iPhone 6s. It is also possible that Apple might skip the 3.5mm headphone jack altogether and standardize the Lightning port for charging as well as audio. Other rumored iPhone 7 features include waterproof design, wireless charging, and the latest A10 processor.

Though there has been no official confirmation about the iPhone 7 release date, we are sure that it will be in the fall around September, just like the previous years.