If you are an iPhone fan (or if you aren’t) and if you have been following the news behind the iPhone 7, you would heard about the rumors saying that the next iPhone won’t get the 3.5mm headphone jack. Well, the speculation has been taken to task again, and its Mark Sullivan from FastCompany this time who says that the news is confirmed from inside sources.

For all those who don’t understand, not having the 3.5mm universal headphone jack in the next iPhone will allow Apple to make the  device sleeker and thinner. It is also being said that the company will be adding magnetic, wireless charging capabilities to the iPhone 7, and the absence of the headphone jack might also open the gates to a waterproof iPhone 7.

iphone 7

However, this is not an official announcement, which is why you must take it with a proverbial grain of salt. The report from FastCompany says that the iPhone 7 won’t ship with any headphones, and that the Lightning port-compatible headphones will be sold separately for a significant price. This particular statement is strange, as every iPhone comes with earphones.

The new report also suggests that Apple will provide a 3.5mm headphone adapter inside the iPhone 7 box. Well, this would be a very atypical move from the company, as it never provides adapters inside the box. Such adapters are sold separately for a considerable amount.

One good thing about not including a 3.5mm jack in the next iPhone is that it will allow users to think wireless, which is good and definitely the next in the future of smartphones. And even if the company does offer Lightning port-compatible headphones, they will offer much better sound output.


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