Before we cash you in on the juicy rumours about the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 that has been revealed, let us restate the obvious: these are rumours. They’ve leaked from China and Korea, and the world is in awe of the features that the rumours claim the iPhone 7 to have. We took a look at some of the pictures that have been leaked and are giving you a sneak peek.

iphone 7 renders leak

The iPhone 7 comes with a super AMOLED screen, which is coming as a surprise to most Apple fans, because it was general opinion until now that Apple will not make its transition from Capacitive touch to AMOLED until next year. However, if it is true, users will indeed be in awe.

The device is set to have a ceramic back, while the metal frame that is present in the iPhone 6s Plus will change as well. The thickness of the phone will decrease slightly as 3D touch will be introduced. Another thing that is interesting in the iPhone 7 is that two of the classic features of Apple phones will be missing: the Antenna lines and the earphone jack.

The antenna lines aren’t exactly the most loved feature of Apple products, and they will be done away with as the company makes use of advanced Fractal geometry to incorporate antennas into the device. The 3.5 mm audio jack will also be missing, and while audiophiles complain that this will interfere with the versatility of the product, it is still generally favoured as the lack of the jack would improve the response of the touchscreen.


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