All the eyes are glued to the launch of new iPhone 7 and there is another iPhone 5se with 4-inch display which is coming later this month. But if rumours are to be believed, then Apple might launch an iPhone 7 Pro with this new title and an enormous display size. The new smartphone may mark Apple’s entry into the Phablet segment of smartphones.

This is a working title and the name has not yet been confirmed. But, it’s believed that Apple could call its biggest model ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ or ‘iPhone Pro’. Apple has used the title ‘Pro’, in the past for its top of the range models, be it MacBook or iPad.

iPhone 7 Pro

If this is true, then it will mean that Apple will have four iPhone variants – the 4-inch model, the 4.7-inch, the Plus (5.5-inch), and the new Pro with the Pro being the biggest in size and the most powerful in terms of features.

In terms of features, Apple may introduce dual cameras with this new smartphone. Apple has long been working on it for some time, according to some insiders, so the iPhone 7 Pro could be the first to get it.

It is too early to understand how the dual cameras will work, but it’s believed that they could be used for improved focus, especially for group shots or panoramas. Apple has long been aiming to offer DSLR-like photo quality, and dual cameras allegedly can be the first step in this direction.

This report is completely based on rumours and nothing has been confirmed yet, so take this with a pinch of salt. Apple seems all set to launch the new iPhone 7 in this September and it would be very interesting if the ‘Pro’ version comes up.

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