We already know that Apple is going to be releasing three iPhone devices this year- iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro or (just “iPhone Pro”). As suggested by the latest leaks, rumors, and speculations, the iPhone 7 will be the base variant, while the larger iPhone 7 Plus will sit in the middle of the lineup. The iPhone 7 Pro will be the top variant with dual rear cameras and 256GB storage. Today, new renders released by Martin Hajek suggest that the iPhone Pro will follow the footsteps of the iPad Pro.

iphone 7 pro

In the first image, the concept artist raises the question “What makes an Apple product Pro?”. Basically, he suggests that Apple products carrying the suffix “Pro” come with unique features that are not seen on any other device in the lineup. So he is pointing towards the possibility that the iPhone 7 Pro will come with some exciting iPad Pro features and will be targeted towards professionals who can’t wait for the similar Microsoft Surface Phone.

iphone 7 pro smart connector

In the second image, Martin suggests that the iPhone Pro will come with “Smart Connectivity”. We can see the three dots on the edge of the rear side of the device, so the artist is hinting towards the Smart Connector seen in the iPad Pro. Smart Connector will allow for more accessories like Apple Pencil and Apple Keyboard attachment. We have seen leaked real life images of iPhone 7 with those Smart Connector dots before, so this might be real.

iphone pro with apple pencil

In the third and the final image, the artist finally reveals the iPhone 7 Pro with the Apple Pencil beside it. This is a possibility, and if Apple thinks that there is a market for such a device, then it might target this device towards working professionals who also showed interest in the iPad Pro. If there’s a Smart Connector and Apple Pencil, the Apple Keyboard will be supported too. Also, case-makers will come out with new iPhone 7 Pro cases that will provide space to store the Pencil.

We had a talk with our reliable Chinese sources, who suggest that with all these features, the iPhone 7 Pro price will easily cross the $1200 mark. Now that’s what an expensive Pro device from Apple costs!