September 7th is the date when Apple will shed the curtain from iPhone 7 and when all rumors, leaks, and reports will either be confirmed or denied. Until then, the web is ready for another wave of iPhone 7 leaks and rumors, the newest reporting about potential iPhone 7/7 Plus pricing.

iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus gold models

First of all, the pricing is unconfirmed and it will stay that way until September 7th. Now, let’s take a look at it.

The leak came from a Twitter user @the_malignant, and the pricing comes from Leleda, one of the biggest Apple partners in China. Since Apple like to keep the prices of their models more or less the same around the world, the prices showed here should be very similar to international ones.

According to Leleda pricing list, Apple will (finally) ditch the 16 GB iPhone version; versions presented on the list include 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. These three versions will be available for both regular (4.7-inch) and Plus (5.5-inch) models.

Let’s start from the most affordable one; 32 GB iPhone 7 will cost RMB 5,288 ($791 / €708), 128 GB will cost RMB 6,088 ($911 / €815), and the huge 256 GB one will have a RMB 7,088 ($1,060 / €949) price mark.

Regarding iPhone 7 Plus, 32 GB version will cost RMB 6,088 ($911 / €815), 64 GB model will sell for RMB 6,888 ($1031 / €923), while 256 GB model will start at RMB 7,888 ($1,180 / €966). If we compare the pricing with galaxy Note 7 price in China (RMB 5988, around €800, $900), we can say that Apple overpriced iPhone again, since even the cheapest version (4.7 iPhone 7 with 32 GB of storage) costs more than Galaxy Note 7. Of course, only if the leak is true.

Aside from the slightly updated design, there shouldn’t be major changes featured on iPhone 7. Apple iPhone 7 Plus, on the other hand, should come with dual 12 MP camera system, 3 gigs of RAM and a bigger battery. Until September 7, we won’t know whether the leak is bogus or not.