A lot of speculations about the iPhone 7 are being made these days, and one of the hot topics of discussion is the dual camera setup that we might see in the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro. Many analysts were saying that we may not see dual cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus this year as Apple is having some technical difficulties with the technology. Well, a new leaked image suggests that the dual camera in iPhone 7 Plus/Pro is staying.

iphone 7 plus pro dual camera-compressed

A Showbox App Download website published a new report today showing a leaked image of the iPhone 7 Plus (iPhone 7 Pro) with the dual camera on it. The site claims that the image is from China. As you can see in right part of the image above, there is the dual camera covered with a protective layer or covering. The image resembles earlier leaks, and this strongly suggests that the iPhone 7 dual camera is definitely happening.

The report also says that this is the final production model complete with Smart Connector and may support wireless charging. The battery capacity might also be bumped to 3500mAh. Of course, we suggest you to take these rumors with a pinch of salt unless further reports can confirm them.


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