Some new, exciting images have leaked out on Weibo and show off the dual camera module of the iPhone 7 Plus clearly. Along with that, the images also show a 256GB storage chip, thus almost confirming the rumors that the iPhone 7 will get a 256GB storage option at the top, double from its previous 128GB top tier offering.

What’s disappointing though is that in of them images, you can see three memory chips lined up vertically beside the dual camera module. The chip on the top reads “16G”, which clearly means that it is a 16GB chip, and the iPhone 7 will still keep the 16GB storage option. While most major manufacturers have moved on to 32GB storage option as minimum, Apple has a different story.

Frankly speaking, even iPhone fans have started praying for Apple to remove the 16GB offering as it is pretty much useless and anyway forces users to buy at least the 32GB option, thus bringing in business gains for the company. Anyway, 9to5Mac noticed that the 128GB storage chip is not present in the images, thus suggesting that Apple will replace the 128GB option with the new 256GB offering.

And that’s okay, because a dual camera setup would mean better quality images and videos, thus resulting in larger files. So yes, more storage is definitely needed, but again, that 16GB storage option is useless when the iPhone can shoot 4K videos. Meanwhile, previous leaks have suggested that the iPhone 7 phones are going to get similar design as the iPhone 6s, so the company is mainly improving on the camera and storage offerings.